No. Author’s Right registration is optional, as the simple creation presupposes protection. However, its registration is recommended, because the documentation resulting from the same serves as proof of the existence, authorship and ownership of the work.

The maximum validity of a utility model is 10 years from the date the application is filed. Patents, on the other hand, have a maximum validity of 20 years, also counting from the date on which the application is filed.

Any natural or legal person, wanting to distinguish with a sign (brand) their products or services on the market, can register a trademark: industrialists or manufacturers; merchants; farmers and producers; creators or craftsmen; service providers.

The filing and subsequent granting of a patent application on your invention gives you the exclusive right to produce, use and commercialize it.

The protection of your invention can be done through a patent or a utility model, depending on the specificities of the invention.

Patents protect inventions. So, products, processes, devices, utilizations or systems can be subject to protection as a Patent, provided that they are new and have an inventive step and industrial application.

The holder of an IP right is the natural or legal person which has been granted the right to prevent third parties from commercially exploiting his/her/its invention.

An Inventor is a person who contributes to the design of an invention, which may be protected by a patent or a utility model.

The Creator/Author is the person who creates a design that can be protected by “design or model” and by “Author’s Right”.

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It is a simplified form of filing a patent application that differs in time from fulfilling some of the requirements necessary for filing a regular patent application.

Intellectual Property covers Industrial Property Rights and Author’s Rights and Related Rights.

No. Ideas, processes, systems, operational methods, concepts, principles or discoveries are not, by themselves and as such, protected under the Author’s Right.

AGCF operates in the field of Intellectual Property, in particular in protecting, strategizing and development of Trademarks; obtaining, maintaining and defending Patents, SPCs and Designs or Models; Advising, filing Applications with the competent body and making an integrated analysis, combined with possible additional protections in terms of Author’s Rights.

The use of a protected work is legally established as free. The use, in order to be comprised within said free use, must be made by a natural person, without commercial purposes and be aimed at satisfying the reasonable needs of his/her personal and family use. As such, one user must make one copy necessary for his/her own use, as well as for use by his/her household.

These are financial requirements that allow for the reproduction or storage of works. They arise as a consequence of the need for a balance between the authors of the works and their users.

The Patent confers the right of exclusivity over an invention. A trademark is a distinctive sign of commerce.

Yes. If your company is an SME and if it is eligible to benefit from the European SME Fund, your company can be reimbursed up to 50% of the official fees, up to a maximum amount of €1500.

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The SME Fund is a reimbursement program that issues vouchers which can be used to partially cover fees for selected activities. There are two types of vouchers available, depending on the activity in question.

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In a simplified way, from a legal perspective, the registration of a trademark gives its owner the exclusive right to monopolize the sign that it has associated to its good or service.

From a sociological perspective, a Trademark allows for the creation of a strong relationship between the consumer and the good or service, a relationship that is as much or even more solid than the quality perceived by the consumer.

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Yes. If your company is an SME, under Voucher 1, included in the SME Fund, a part of the amount can be used for trademark protection within the EU.

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