Whenever you plan the internationalization of your products or processes or their participation in international exhibitions it is critical that, with anticipation, you protect your inventions through patents in the States of your interest. 

Timely planning the protection abroad is crucial because most of the countries have an absolute novelty requirement for grant of the patent, i.e., that the invention has not yet been disclosed anywhere in the world at the time of the patent application filing. 


Protecting your inventions may provide you great benefits as: 


  • facilitates the funding you need for the internationalization, as a patent is a company asset and as a result increases the value of the company; 
  • facilitates the negotiation of agreements with potential local partners and increase sureness in the negotiation;
  • enables you to become more confident that you are not infringing a competitor’s industrial property right;
  • may provide revenue for your business, for instance, by granting exploitation license agreements or even by the sale of the right in case you have lost interest in the market or in the product, so you can focus on other markets or products;
  • gives your company visibility in these markets, through your exclusive right to the invention


Please note that if you do not protect your inventions in the countries where you are planning internationalization, anyone may use, sell or manufacture the products from your invention. 
The costs involved in the protection in a significant number of countries may be very high but A.G. da Cunha Ferreira will help you with strategies that may minimize and/or defer these costs.

07 June 2021