On 26 October, A. G. da Cunha Ferreira will take part in the Leiria Centro Exportador® at the Sant'Ana Market in Leiria.


The main aim of the event is to support the internationalization process of the country's companies. The business community will thus have the opportunity, on a single day and in a single location, to make contact with chambers of commerce representing 4 continents, with a range of exhibitors from the most varied sectors, and to attend various panels on internationalization issues. The aim is to provide the region's companies with:


⦁    Steps towards export and internationalization
⦁    Informal and restricted debates on current economic and business issues in the field of internationalization
⦁    Access to various products and services
⦁    Establish or strengthen personal contacts, creating accessible conditions for each company to organize the best strategy to make the most of the globalization opportunity.


As Official Industrial Property Agents, it is up to us to evaluate opportunities and bet on advantageous actions that focus on issues relevant to our area of activity.


In terms of internationalization, we protect your rights in the relevant international markets, guaranteeing your exclusivity and minimizing the risk of infringing the rights of others. We accommodate the available investment to the different stages of internationalization, thus ensuring that, with 140 years of service, we become a partner tailored to your needs, responding efficiently to challenges, adjusting to the specificities and urgencies of each area of activity and each business reality, with the best protection solution.


We have partnerships in different parts of the world, guaranteeing the best filing, monitoring and defense of International Patent, Utility Model and Trademark/Design Applications. We are therefore responsible for delivering the best possible service to our clients, developing intellectual property strategies, seeking to obtain the best results and the most appropriate protection, whether in terms of Copyright, Trademarks, Patents, Supplementary Protection Certificates or Designs.


It is thanks to our hard work, professionalism and constant search for customer satisfaction that we have been honored with a wide range of nominations and awards over the years.


We therefore urge you to attend and sign up for the event, and suggest that you visit us so that we can share our knowledge, create contacts and connections and, above all, show you how we can guarantee the protection of your rights and ideas on the international market.


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04 September 2023