COVID-19 has been causing a significant increase of national and international concern, triggering the most various repercussions in our normal-day lives, either at work or at home, with particular focus in some countries, like Italy and our Spanish neighbors, to whom we wish to express our support and sympathy.


We are in full solidarity with all those who were personally affected all over the world.


Our firm has been carrying out a number of risk mitigation measures, following the recommendations set forth by the WHO and the SNS (Portuguese public healthcare services), in particular by reducing the presence of co-workers at the office and allowing our teams to work remotely, with the highest level of security and without interruptions.


We are preparing ourselves for the aggravation of the situation in our country, which we naturally hope will not happen.  However, we must be prepared. 


Whatever the scenario will be, we are apt and absolutely confident that we shall continue assisting all our clients and meet all their needs in a timely manner and without any disruption. We believe we can achieve this goal while taking care of our team.


During this period, all direct contacts with clients, associates and partners are suspended, so as to protect the health and well-being of everyone.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your IP manager or to contact us through email address:


AGCF - Count on us.

13 March 2020