The protection of intellectual and industrial property (IP) is fundamental to guaranteeing the safety and valorisation of a company's intangible assets. To support initiatives in this direction, the Incentive System for Innovation and Development (SIID) has launched a call for applications to finance operations related to the registration of Industrial Property rights.



Type of Action

This call for proposals supports operations aimed at registering Industrial Property rights in the form of patents, utility models, designs or models through national, European and international channels. Operations can be supported if they are submitted as individual applications, and support should be directed to the following protection requests:

  • Definitive national patent, utility model and design applications;

  • Patent, utility model and design applications filed abroad directly with the respective national administrations;

  • European patent application;

  • International patent application (PCT);

  • Community design application.


Eligible Entities

Eligible entities are micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and small mid-cap companies, of any nature and in any legal form, which meet the eligibility requirements set out in Article 14 of Decree-Law no. 20-A/2023 of 22 March, which defines the general regime for the application of Portugal 2030 and its Funds, and in Articles 6 and 46(1) of the Specific Regulation on Innovation and Digital Transition (REITD), approved by Ministerial Order 103-A/2023 of 12 April, in its current wording.



Geographical Area

This notice applies to all the NUTS II regions of mainland Portugal (North, Centre, Lisbon, Alentejo and Algarve). The location of the operation corresponds to the region where the investment will be made.



Budget Allocation

With an overall budget of €2.825.000, distributed between different programs and regions, the funding provided by SIID represents a significant opportunity for interested companies. 

COMPETE2030 – 1.000.000 €. FEDER 50%

PR North - 125.000€. FEDER 50%

PR Centre - 500.000€. FEDER 50%

PR Lisbon - 500.000€. FEDER 50%

PR Alentejo - 200.000€. FEDER 50%

PR Algarve - 500.000€. FEDER 50%



Application Period

The application period is now open and ends on 30 December 2024, with the analysis and decision being made according to the following phases:

- Phase 1: 27 June 2024 - for all applications, with or without registration of the aid request through Notice 01/RPA/2022.

- Phase 2: 30 September 2024 - for all applications.

- Phase 3: 30 December 2024 - for all applications.

Contact us for more information and count on our support during the application process.


01 July 2024