Nowadays, capturing consumers’ attention is an increasingly ambitious task for creative staff and marketeers when they need to pass on a message to the market.

Last November 27, the Portuguese Association of Marketing Professionals (APPM) has hosted, in partnership with Portuguese University Universidade NOVA SBE, the 21st National Marketing Congress, focused on the theme NOW – Marketing in times of Distraction”. There, thought has been given as to how advances in technology are impacting on society, transforming the way of thinking and socializing, as well as to the need to adapt the advertising campaigns accordingly.

Our firm has taken part on a genuine marketing immersion, discussing with over 400 participants different views regarding this reality of technology as being or not a constraint to the reflection and concentration abilities.

In order to prevent losing innovative ideas by mere distraction, our firm’s consultors are focused on team work for streamlining and optimizing investment on Industrial Property protection, leveraging and enhancing Trademark’s value.

04 December 2019