Are you prepared to protect your Industrial Property (IP) rights? It is virtuallyimpossible, for someone who is not an IP expert, to take everything into consideration when taking decisions regarding IP protection.

Registering a trademark is not enough to fully protect you. In a such complex decision, it is imperative to take into account the present and future strategy to successfully defend your rights. It is precisely this fact that currently renders the identification and the management of the IP risks more critical and difficult than ever.

IP rights should be considered a priority throughout the entire process, not only in the commercialization phase, but also in embryonic phases such as the design of a product or service.

It is therefore crucial to define, from the beginning, in which territories and how to proceed now and in the future.

All major brands know that managing IP is not a simple task, and that must be handled by experts.

It is in these types of matters that AGCF specialists feel the need to advise their clients with the best solutions for their specific situations, as these are tasks of complexity that require both know-how and experience. AGCF specialists advise their clients to see IP management as a long-term investment.


Let's take this simple situation as an example. A company invests its time and resources in the development a new product or a service. Once the launch phase is reached, a crucial roadblock is identified due to the impossibility of using the planned trademark, slogan or symbol?

The IP investment must be pondered, considering the associated risks, in particular the investments made in the product development and in the subsequent promotion.

Trademarks such as Sagres, Real Companhia Velha, Pingo Doce and others have had, for many years, experts that daily handle their trademarks and rights.

Decision regarding IP should be taken and supported by someone who has enough knowledge to assure its success. As an IP Office, our work consists not only in accurately explaining to our clients the advantages and the risks, but also to assist them in the decision-taking moments, in order to minimize future risks and maximize success, ensuring protection and profitability.

You can count on AGCF.

21 February 2020