Not so long ago, the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) would be something that one could only think exists in the fertile imagination of some science fiction author. Something totally unknown that has caused an unimaginable impact on our lives and has forced us to readjust and to relearn how to live in society with precautions that did not exist before.



But at a time where we can all be victims of a disease that does not choose who to infect, there are among us those who stand out, for having sworn, under all circumstances, to be at the front line, treating, caring, protecting and comforting their fellow human beings and putting all their strength to that end.



Also, we cannot forget all those who, forced to be at home, do not throw in the towel and struggle each day to keep their businesses and the economy running, working from their homes, always moving forward against adversity.



AG da Cunha Ferreira would like to publicly thank all healthcare professionals, all elements of the security forces, all essential service workers and everyone who does their best, going above and beyond, day after day, keeping society alive and moving.



To all, our sincerest thanks and our heartfelt appreciation

A.G. da Cunha Ferreira

17 April 2020