World Intellectual Property Day (World IP Day) is celebrated internationally on April 26, with a view to determining the role that Intellectual Property (IP) rights play in the relationship and in the incentive, between innovation and creativity.


Being always associated with a theme, Innovate for a Green Future was the theme chosen this year by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), aiming at highlighting the importance of Innovation and of the rights arising from it, in efforts to create and enhance a low-carbon future.


The urge to act in order to protect and preserve the environment has long been recognized, and it is increasingly clear that technology is an inherent part of the solution.


The European Union has set a target by 2050 to achieve carbon neutrality. For this objective to be achieved, it is necessary to promote the development of new technologies, products and services that will facilitate the transition to a sustainable future.


The vision of the World Intellectual Property Campaign for 2020 is then to explore how a balanced and robust IP system can support the emergence of a green economy that works with, rather than against, life support systems on the planet.


Join us and explore the role of innovation and of IP rights in paving the way for a green future. The change begins with creativity and from creativity comes innovation which, in turn, can originate a wide range of IP rights: a Patent, a Design or even a Trademark.


Be Green, Be Creative.

A.G. da Cunha Ferreira will continue to assist you in the protection of your IP rights.

26 April 2020