Has your company's Development Department just created a new product and would you now like to know what are the existing legal instruments for protecting it?
In order for your company's products to be fully protected, AG da Cunha Ferreira uses various means of protection that affect the different scopes of your products. Thus, we are presenting below three protection instruments that you can use in order to protect all rights over your products, and thus, compete freely in the market, without increased risks of copies, similar Trademarks or loss of rights.
As a first and most recurrent option, your product may be protected through a Patent. In this case, in order to patent your new product, the same will have to meet the following three pre-conditions:
The product shall have:

  1. Novelty;
  2. Inventive step;
  3. Industrial application.

If the three pre-conditions are verified, the path will be cleared for you to proceed with the filing of the Patent application. In case of acceptance/allowance of the Patent, you will have your latest invention patented.
On the other hand and furthermore, you can apply for the registration of a Design.
The Design registration aims at protecting the features that define the format and appearance of your new product, limiting the possibility of copies or identical products on the market.
Finally, it is also recommended to protect the Trademark with which you intend to identify your new product. Registering a Trademark enables any stakeholder to identify its product, thus reporting it to its business origin. In addition to preventing third parties from using signs (logos, jingles, fonts...) identical or similar to those already registered for identifying identical or similar products. In this way, Trademark Registration tends to eradicate or considerably reduce the consumer's risk of confusing another product with their own.
Do you have additional questions or would you like to go ahead with the protection of your company's industrial property? Please feel free to get in touch, count on us.

16 December 2021